A different perception

A considered and thought provoking insight into the author’s and other’s experience of bring up a family as a single parent.

Lone parents - the whole story

This is intended as a discussion and information source for those who are lone parents and those who would like to look insightfully at the experiences of lone parents.

I am publishing this dissertation to engender discussion around the perceptions and experiences of lone parents, lone parenting, women’s place in Scottish society and the world, children and adults raised in lone parent families, men’s role in family life and the general understanding of what family life entails in contemporary Scottish society.

My interest in lone parenting comes from the fact I was raised by a lone parent and have spent the best part of the last twenty one plus years as a lone parent.

I don’t think my perception and experience of lone parenting is representative of  everyone’s perception and experience of lone parenting and my research project (MSc Research Project page) highlights some important findings in relation to other…

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