SNP makes the unfair council tax a wee bit less unfair.

Dr Scott Arthur

In 2004 John Swinney said he’d “axe” the council tax. In 2007 Nicola Sturgeon said the “hated” council tax was beyond reform. In 2007 and 2011 Alex Salmond said in the SNP’s manifestos he’d “scrap” the council tax.

After 9 years in government, 5 of them with a commanding majority, Nicola Sturgeon has now decided to keep the council tax with minor modifications based on Tory proposals. The council tax will remain regressive, but a system of means tested benefits and increases in the higher bands will make it slightly less unfair.

These changes introduce many anomalies. Kezia Dugdale has said that as she earns £60,000 and lives in a Band D property she will pay nothing extra, but is willing to do so. Conversely, a hardworking family living on just above average income in a Band E property will see their council tax increase by over £100 per…

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